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Theresa Caputo Long Island Medium-Appointment, Contact, Wait, Fees

I am writing this blog because I get asked questions about Theresa Caputo every day while doing sessions with my current clients.  Here are the questions I get most often & my answers.  1-Do you know what Theresa charges?  I have not been able to find her fees on a website that is directly affiliated with her or her show; however, in my research I have talked to a few people that have had sessions with her.  According to them, it seems the price for a 30 minute session is around $400 in her local area-more if she travels and more for private groups.  I cannot say for certain this is accurate, as I only know what I’m being told by others.  2-How do I get an appointment with her?  To the best of my knowledge, the only way to get an appointment at this time is to email her directly.  I did see numerous requests on the facebook page & follow up comments that she had not been responding- in all fairness to her, I must interject, it’s virtually impossible to respond to every request or comment/question I receive, she’s on TV…I think it’s obvious she couldn’t possibly schedule a session with everyone who contacts her.  She has mentioned in several interviews that it’s now a 2year+ wait for a session.  3- Are you as good as Theresa?  I do feel my sessions are similar in manner, accuracy, and style to Theresa’s, I cannot honestly say I am or am not as good or better than her.  I think we are equally blessed with this gift.  4-Do you think she takes advantage of people by charging so much or by not doing this for free?  Not at all…this is her profession, she has a gift & like me, I’m sure she only wants to help people, this is NOT as easy as people might think.  She deserves to be paid just like anyone else in any profession.  Please read my previous blog regarding psychics medium & fees for more info.  5-Do you feel you are in competition with Theresa?  Absolutely not!  I honestly feel we are very similar, but not competitors…there is plenty of need for our services.  I often do sessions with clients while they wait on the 2+year waiting list or because they didn’t get a response as of yet when they contacted her.  I realize she has much more exposure & a hit T.V. show and I’m just as big of a fan as the rest!    Please keep in mind, I’m in no way connected to Theresa on a business or personal level.  I have much admiration for her and feel that she has done an amazing thing for people like me who have this ability.  Every week she shows the world what it is like to do what I do.  As my family & I sit and watch her show, which we record/DVR, we are constantly pausing to reflect on how much this family is like ours.  It may sound strange to hear this from someone like me (I do see dead people after all) but it completely shocks me every time I watch it!  I can’t believe how similar we are.  It makes me think there must be a class on the other side that we took before we were born or something.  I mean, here’s this lady that I have never met who talks like me (a little bolder than me), says word for word what I say, not only during her sessions, but to her kids & husband, has similar interest, facial expressions, etc….  I can’t even really explain how similar our lives are in one blog, but it validated for me that this was DEFINITELY something that was planned out before we ever came to this world.  As I continue to watch her during her sessions & in her everyday life, I realize, just how much of my life was planned before I was ever born, as that is the only explanation I can come up with as to how 2 strangers can have so much in common.  I will continue to support her and watch her show & I encourage everyone else to do the same!

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